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Alicia Drier is a wordsmith with over two decades of writing experience as an English teacher, marketing assistant, podcast cohost, and blogger. As a copywriter, she gets to daily invest in the research and writing she loves - while keeping the time and energy to be the parent she wants to be.

Barndominium Builders in Oklahoma

When it comes to construction trends that are worth your time and money, you can’t really beat a barndominium. Barndominiums offer home builders high-ceilinged, open-concept living without all the stress and frustration associated with load-bearing walls. Plus, the metal building materials associated with barndominium construction guarantee you are making a home that will last for …

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Barndominium Builders in North Carolina

Barndominium Builders in Tennessee

No matter a person’s motivation to work with barndominium builders in Tennessee, the barndominium trend continues to rise in popularity across North America, with at least 1,000 new barndominiums being built every year. These numbers can’t be argued with. With an increase in barndominiums being listed in the housing market daily, there is clearly a …

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